This section of Read Me A Book is intended as a resource for recommended reading for various age groups, types of literature, and some difficult subject matter than can be immensely valuable during stressful circumstances. There are also suggestions for including reading activities during the summer months or other periods of enforced idleness! It has been well documented that reading skills are one of the most important things we need in life, and reading to children helps foster a life long love of reading. So please, check out the information in the following section, and visit your local bookstore or library and curl up with a good book and a child today.

We have included ideas on keeping reading skills alive and well during the summer months, and perhaps even improving them! As you can see, even a simple trip to the grocery store can be a reading experience.

This section of the web site is a work in progress, and we would love to have you send us comments and suggestions on what you are looking for or need to help your child read. Our author/illustrator section is coming along, and we will have information there about arranging an author or illustrator to visit your local bookstore or school. Let us know what you need and what you would like to see on this site, and we’ll get right on it!


We have developed this site with two goals in mind: to entertain children and help encourage them to read; and as a valuable Internet resource for teachers to use in their classroom as part of a daily or weekly plan. The daily offerings are one audio book, with vocabulary, a letter of the day and a phonics lesson. There is also a "what about…" which introduces additional information that can be used as well. We also have a weekly chapter book for the older reader.

We realize the face of teaching has changed dramatically in recent years, making one on one time with a student very difficult to arrange. This program can be used to preserve that individual attention, and can also be used for adults with literacy needs or used in conjunction with bi-lingual needs.

We encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions. This section of the site is a work in progress, and the comments we receive help make significant improvements to the site.


Recommended Reading Lists:

This section covers lists, which are grouped by age, subject matter, and interests. We have a start on many categories, but the lists are far from complete. If you would like to send us suggestions on books to add, please email us and we will look into it!

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