This site would not have been possible without the foresight and dedication of an amazing group of people, from the publishers who generously allowed us to record their books, to the people who contributed the bandwidth which gives voice to these amazing adventures. We literally cannot thank all of them, but we are going to try!

This site was born using a virtual shoestring up-held by an army of volunteers. It would have been impossible to create Read Me A Book without the generous cooperation of the publishers. They went strictly on faith, recognizing our vision as a worthwhile undertaking, and jumped onto our bandwagon without really understanding where we would take them. Our heartfelt thanks seem too little for their generosity and faith, much less the simple listing that follows:

  • Backyard Books
    P.O. Box 1056
    Camden, Maine 04843
  • Sweat Pea Publishing
  • Barefoot Books
    41 Schermerhorn Street, Ste. 145
    Brooklyn, NY
  • T Green Press
    P.O. Box 3408
    Aspen, CO 81612
  • Feather Books
    Fair View, Old Coppice
    Lyth Bank, Shrewsbury
    SY3OBW, Shropshire, U.K.
  • Twin Pleasures Publishing Corp.
    P.O. Box 36097
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Girl Press
    8273 Clinton Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • Yosemite Association
    P.O. Box 545
    Yosemite National Park, CA

Without a talented and dedicated team of web developers and designers, there would be no Read Me A Book site. They volunteered countless hours and years of experience to implement new technologies in creative ways. We told them what we wanted, and they came through beautifully. The effortless and automatic page changes bring the books to life, thanks to our developers and designers.

And imagine the Read Me A Book web site without sound - you couldn’t hear what you were missing! The innovative technology that gives us audio brought the site an added dimension that made the results priceless. Our heartfelt thanks go to:

RKS Marketing Resources
234 Main Street, Suite G
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

If you are like us, you love reading and understand the vital impact it can have on people’s lives. Read Me A Book was designed and developed to encourage and develop reading skills in anyone who has access to a multimedia computer with an Internet connection.

This site is available free of charge to anyone: public schools, libraries, homes, and even prisons. Literacy is crucial to the future of our children and many adults as well, and we hope to contribute towards a better future by helping people of all ages learn to read. But this is an ambitious undertaking, requiring considerable commitment and resources. Imagine what the bill would be for bandwidth alone if 10,000 people were to access our site at the same time!

And that is why we are asking you to consider becoming a sponsor of Read Me A Book. We need strong financial contributions, as well as the rights for additional books to record. If you are interested in helping Read Me A Book meet its goals, please give us a call at (925) 417-7040 or contact us by email.


More than anyone, our volunteers made this all possible. If our many thank-you's could be converted to dollars, we would send them all on a well-deserved vacation! And if you ever hear someone mutter about how high school kids today aren’t worth a darn, send them to this site. Without the following kids, listed in alphabetical order, you wouldn’t be reading this:

Scott Gross Maryann Ivanov Michaela Kastanek
Brittany Stieg Kyle Walters Steve West

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of our hearts!

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