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by Robert D. San Souci
Illustrated by
Daniel San Souci
Published by
   Yosemite Association
Read by Kathy Stieg
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What About ...?
Vocabulary of the Day

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An unlikely hero emerges in this lively retelling of an authentic Miwok legend set in incomparable Yosemite Valley.
Quill's Adventures in Grozzieland
Foreword and Chapter 1

by John Waddington-Feather
Illustrated by Doreen Edmond
Published by  Feather Books
Nominated for the United Kingdom's
    Library Association Carnegie Medal
Read by David King
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In this, Book Three of the Quill Hedgehog Adventures Series, the wicked alley cat, Mungo Brown, plans to blot out the sun and rule the whole world! To carry out his scheme, he goes underground to the Kingdom of Grozzieland, where he enlists the aid of the Grozzies, those mumbling, moldy fungusfolk. With the help of his friends, Quill Hedgehog and his message of conservation triumph again.
Lucille Ball excerpt from Cool Women
Edited by Pam Nelson
Written by Dawn Chipman, Mari Florence, Naomi Wax
Designed by Amy Inouye

Published by Girl Press
Read by Kathy Stieg
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The Thinking Girl's Guide to the Hippest Women in History
Preview: Max-O-narrr THE MONSTER CAT
by Lynne Guerra
paintings by Marcia Grostein
(Text and pictures now, audio soon)
Also coming soon:

A Fairy Tale from Old Russia
Retold by Mary Hoffman

I'm Safe! at the Mall
by Wendy and Paul Gordon

What Will We Do With Two?
by John P. Trump

Olivia's Outing
by Lisa Jarrett


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