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A family outing can be either a joy or a nightmare, and sometimes the difference can be simply how well prepared you are! The following lists, alphabetically by the author’s last name, can help you turn a terrifying trip into a joyous vacation. These books contain stories, games, songs and simple suggestions for any adult who travels accompanied by children.

Be sure and check out available travel books from your local book store or library for the area you are visiting. And remember, if you include your child(ren) in the planning of your vacation, they will be more likely to regard it as their vacation, too!

Picture Books for Children:

Baker Morning Beach
Ball Jeremy’s Tail
Bate How Georgina Drove The Car Very Carefully from Boston to New York
Berenstain The Berenstain Bears & Too Much Vacation
Bogart Gifts
Bridgman Nanny Bear’s Cruise
Brown Arthur’s Family Vacation
Bursik Amelia’s Fantastic Flight
Caines Just Us Women
Chall Up North at the Cabin
Coles Michael & The Sea
Coy Night Driving
Day John Tabor’s Ride
Denslow Riding with Aunt Lucy
Field A Road Might Lead to Anywhere
Gantschev The Train to Grandma’s
Gerrard Jocasta Carr, Movie Star
Jewell Bus Ride
Jonas Round Trip
Kesselman There’s A Train Going By My Window
Kirby The Cows are Going to Paris
Krementz Jamie Goes on an Airplane
Krensky The Lion Upstairs
Lester The Journey Home
Levinson I Go With My Family to Grandma’s
Lewin Jafta- The Journey
Lyon A Regular Rolling Noah
Maestro Bike Trip
McPhail Emma’s Vacation
McPhail Pigs Ahoy!
Meddaugh Martha Calling
Monfried The Daddies Boat
Neitzel The Bag I’m Taking to Grandma’s
Nethery Hannah & Jack
Noll Lucky Morning
Piers Is There Room On The Bus?
Pinkney Sunday Outing
Priceman How to Make an Apple Pie & See The World
Rascal Oregon’s Journey
Robbins City/Country: A Car Trip in Photographs
Rockwell On Our Vacation
Rogers Forget-Me-Not
Rylant The Relatives Came
Samton Jenny’s Journey
Saul Someplace Else
Say Grandfather’s Journey
Smith Counting Our Way to Maine
Smith The Travels of J. B. Rabbit
Smyth A Pet for Mrs. Arbuckle
Stanley Mow the Dog in Tropical Paradise
Stevenson Are We Almost There?
Stevenson The Sea View Hotel
Stevenson The Worst Person in the World at Crab Beach
Theobalds The Teddy Bears’ Great Expedition
Weinberg The Forgetful Bears Meet Mr. Memory
Wild Going Home
Williams Stringbean’s Trip to the Shining Sea
Willis Earth Mobiles as Explained by Professor Xargle

Fiction Books for Older Readers:

Avi A Place Called Ugly
Blegvad A Sound of Leaves
Blume Fudge-a-mania
Bohner Bold Journey: West with Lewis & Clark
Brisson Kate Heads West
Brisson Kate on the Coast
Brisson Your Best Friend Kate
Brynildsen School’s Out!
Byars The Animal. The Vegetable, & John D. Jones
Clymer A Search for Two Bad Mice
Cresswell Bagthorpes Abroad
Cresswell Bagthorpes Haunted
Delton The Mystery of the Haunted Cabin
Erdman A Bluebird Will Do
Fox Portrait of Ivan
Hearne Eliza’s Dog
Hest Travel Tips from Harry
Hodges Gulliver in Lilliput
Levoy The Magic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen
Magraw Downhill Megan
Mahy The Pirate Uncle
Martin Karen's Island Adventure
Martin Eleven Kids, One Summer
Mitchell The Baron All at Sea
Mitchell The Baron on the Island of Cheese
Mitchell The Baron Rides Out
Parish The Ghosts of Cougar Island
Radin Tac’s Island
Radin Tac’s Turn
Ressner Dudley Pippin’s Summer
Roberts What Could Go Wrong?
Saunders Lauren’s Big Mix-up
Thacker Summer Stories
Tolan The Great Skinner Getaway
Towne Steve the Sure
Towne Wanda the Worrywart
Trevor Juliet’s Story
Tripp Samantha Saves the Day
Wallace-Brodeur One April Vacation
Wilder On the Way Home
Wilder West from Home

Non-Fiction Books:

Bernstein Riddles to Take On a Vacation
Hoare Travel By Sea
Krupp Let’s Go Traveling
Lent John Tabor’s Ride
McToots Kids Book of Games for Cars, Trains & Planes
Murphy Thor Heyerdahl & The Reed Boat Ra
Norby Kon-Tiki: A True Adventure of Survival at Sea
Petty On A Plane
Webster Crossroad Puzzlers

For The Parent:

Gee Holiday Activities
Lansky Trouble-Free Travel with Children: Helpful Hints for Parents on the Go
Rogers Going on an Airplane
Expect the best from your kids … and you’ll get it!
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