It was ... supremely awful! Years before, when he'd gone down secretly to practice singing in the mines, the din he'd created was so ghastly it simply reinforced folks' belief that there was something dreadful living down there in the abandoned pits. No decent creature could have made noises like that. And as the days went by his singing not only drifted up ... it seeped down. It reached the kingdom of the Grozzies and they didn't like it either, till finally they decided to come up and grozzify whoever it was that kept them awake at nights.
     So, we come back to the beginning of this story when Nero heard the peculiar noises on the other side of the rockface. As his paws felt the vibrations grow stronger and stronger, and as bits of dust and stone began crumbling down, he noticed a crack and through it a weird, red light appeared. There was a large boulder nearby, just under the crack and he climbed it to look through. What he saw made his one eye grow wider and wider, but he never said a word. He was glued to the spot. He’d been grozzified!

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Chapter 2 of

Quill's Adventures
in Grozzieland