In today's featured book, Two Bear Cubs, there were some words that you may not have understood.

We have included the definition (or meaning) of those words here, along with the original sentence from the book. The words are in alphabetical order, just like you would find them in a dictionary.

1. agile: If you are agile, you can move fast and easily.

"But even the agile mountain lion reached a point where the rocky wall was too tall and steep."

2. anxious:  If you are anxious, you are very worried.

"Beneath him, Mother Grizzly and the other animals kept anxious watch."

3. encouragement:  You give somone encouragement by praising or supporting them.

"Sure enough, there she saw her cubs making their way down the face of the mountain, as Measuring Worm guided their every step and called encouragement to them."

4. heroic:  If you are heroic, you are very brave or daring.

"Then all the animals decided to call the rock that grew to be a mountain Tu-tok-a-nu-la, which means Measuring Worm Stone, in honor of the heroic worm who had done what no other creature could do."

5. resourcefulness:  You show resourcefulness if you know what to do or know where to get help in any situation.

"Loudly she praised Measuring Worm for his courage and resourcefulness."

6. thicket:  A thicket is a thick growth of plants, bushes or small trees.

"Then the searchers looked everywhere a cub might be: in holes, in hollow logs, in thickets, and on tree branches."

7. valley:  A valley is an area of low ground between two hills, usually containing a river.

"They lived in a place they called Ah-wah'-nee, which is now known as Yosemite Valley."

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