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Child Safety

The safety of our children is of concern to us all, and the more informed a child is, the more prepared they are to take an active part in their own safety. It is crucial to help children become aware without becoming afraid. The following books will help you teach this important lesson, oftentimes the most important lesson a child can learn. Once again, please use your own judgement as to which books follow most closely your own philosophy of life. No one book is suitable for every child.

You will find information here concerning three basic topics: KIDNAP PREVENTION, THE LATCHKEY CHILD, and GENERAL SAFETY. Books will be listed by their suitability for children or as resources for parents.


Fiction for Children:

Clark Who Stole Kathy Young
Cookson Go Tell It to Mrs. Golightly
Cooney The Face on the Milk Carton
Cooney The Voice on the Radio
Cooney Whatever Happened to Janie?
Cross On the Edge
Girard Who is a Stranger, & What Should I Do?
Griffin Vikki Vanishes
Hubbard Help Yourself to Safety: A Guide to Avoiding Dangerous Situations With Strangers & Friends
Kehret Deadly Stranger
Keller Benjamin Rabbit & the Stranger Danger
Martin Missing Since Monday
Mayer Liverwurst is Missing
Mazer Taking Terri Mueller
Naylor Night Cry
Patneaude Someone Was Watching
Peyton Prove Yourself a Hero
Pfeffer Twice Taken
Roberts Baby-sitting is a Dangerous Job
Roper The Case of the Missing Melody
Stegeman Last Seen on Hopper’s Lane

For The Parent

Meyer Safety Zone: A Book Teaching Children Abduction Prevention Skills
Petty Being Careful With Strangers
Quiri Stranger Danger
Vogel The Danger of Strangers


Fiction for Children:

Auch The Latchkey Dog
Bunting Is Anybody There?
Fosburgh Afternoon Magic
Kessler The Sweeneys from 9D
Saunders Lauren Takes Charge
Seabrooke Jerry on the Line
Shreve How I Saved the World on Purpose
Skurzynski Martin by Himself
Stewart Ellen is Home Alone
Terri The Latchkey Kids

Non-fiction for Children:

Kyte In Charge: A Complete
Leiner Both My Parents Work

For the Parent:

Gilbert By Yourself
Kleeberg Latchkey Kid
Robinson Home-Alone Kids


Fiction for Children:

Brown Dinosaurs Beware: A Safety Guide
Poulet Big Blue’s Safety Book
Rand Willie Takes A Hike
Rathmann Officer Buckle and Gloria
Viorst Try It Again Sam: Safety When You Walk
Van de Wetering Hugh Pine

Non-fiction for Children

Allen Dangerous Environments
Arnosky Crinkleroot’s Guide to Walking in Wild Places
Baker Safety First- Bicycles
Baker Safety First- Fire
Baker Safety First- Home
Baker Safety First- Outdoors
Baker Safety First- School
Baker Safety First- Water
Branley Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll
Carter At Home
Carter From Crime
Carter In the Outdoors
Carter In Water
Carter On Bicycles
Carter With Fire
Chlad Bicycles are Fun
Chlad Bicycles are Fun to Ride
Chlad Matches, Lighters & Firecrackers are Not Toys
Chlad Strangers
Chlad When I Cross the Street
Chlad When I Ride in a Car
Chlad When There is a Fire… Go Outside
Gibbons Fire! Fire!
Goedecke Smart Moves: A Kids Guide to Self-Defense
Gutman Be Aware of Danger
Gutman Hazards at Home
Kyte Play it Safe: The Kid’s Guide to Personal Safety & Crime Prevention
Leaf Safety Can be Fun
Loewen Bicycle Safety
Loewen Emergencies
Loewen Home Safety
Loewen Fire Safety
Loewen Outdoor Safety
Loewen School Safety
Loewen Traffic Safety
Loewen Water Safety
Rinkoff No Pushing, No Ducking: Safety in the Water
Tester Magic Monsters Learn About Safety

For the Parent:

Courson Let’s Learn About Safety
Ebert What Would You Do If? A Safety Game For Children
Freeman What You Do If…
Expect the best from your kids … and you’ll get it!
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