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Few topics are so difficult to discuss with children than the reality of a divorce, and yet more children face this problem than any other. Finding the right words to explain the changes in their world can never be easy, but the simple fact is the majority (over 50%) of children in the United States come from a family with at least one divorced parent. The books listed here can help both children and parents cope with this difficult situation. Please bear in mind that no one book can be suitable for every child. The parent is strongly urged to preview the selections available and choose those books which best reflect their family values and beliefs.

Picture books for the younger child:

Ballard Gracie
Baum One More Time
Boyd The Not-so-Wicked Stepmother
Boyd Sam is My Half Brother
Caines Daddy
Caseley Priscilla Twice
Christiansen My Mother’s House, My Father’s House
Dragonwagon Always, Always
Dragonwagon Diana, Maybe
Girard At Daddy’s on Saturdays
Goff Where is Daddy? The Story of a Divorce
Hogan Will Dad Ever Move Back Home?
Kjelle Sometimes I Wish My Mom Was Two People
Leach My Wicked Stepmother
Lexau Me Day
Petty Splitting Up
Schuchman Two Places to Sleep
Simon I Wish I Had My Father
Steel Martha’s New Daddy
Stinson Mom & Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore
Vigna Grandma Without Me
Vigna Mommy & Me By Ourselves Again
Vigna She’s Not My Real Mother
Zolotow A Father Like That

Fiction for the younger reader:

Adler The Silver Coach
Adler Tuna Fish Thanksgiving
Aiello On With the Show: Featuring Brenda Dubrowski
Berger Nuisance
Blume It’s Not the End of the World
Buehler There’s No Surf In Cleveland
Christopher The Comeback Challenge
Christopher The Fox Steals Home
Cleary Dear Mr. Henshaw
Cleary Strider
Clewes Missing From Home
Danziger The Amber Brown Series
Fine Alias Madame Doubtfire
Fine Step by Wicked Step
Fisher Rachel Vellars, How Could You?
Fitzhugh Sport
Greene Ask Anybody
Hamm Second Family
Harris With a Wave of the Wand
Hest Where in the World is the Perfect Family?
Hines Boys are Yucko!
Hurwitz DeDe Takes Charge!
Jones A Cat Called Camouflage
Levine The Great Burgerland Disaster
Lisle The Gold Dust Letters
Mann My Dad Lives in a Downtown Hotel
McEwan Operation Garbage: A Josh McIntire Book
Moore Something to Count On
Newfield A Book for Jordan
Orenstein When the Wind Blows Hard
Orlev Lydia, Queen of Palestine
Park Don’t Make Me Smile
Pevsner A Smart Kid Like You
Pfeffer Dear Dad, Love Laurie
Platt Chloris & the Freaks
Platt Chloris & the Weirdos
Rogers Morris & His Brave Lion
Roy Avalanche!
Sachs Shyster
Sachs At the Sound of the Beep
Slote Matt Gargan’s Boy
Williams Scooter
Willner-Pardo Jason & the Losers

Fiction for the older child:

Angell What’s Best For You
Cole Celine
Conrad Holding Me Here
Crawford Split Time
Danziger The Divorce Express
Danziger It’s an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World
Haven Maybe I’ll Move to the Lost & Found
Jones Whistle Down a Dark Lane
Kropp Moonkid & Liberty
Lehrman Separations
Levinson A Place to Start
Mazer E, My Name is Emily
Mazer Taking Terri Mueller
Paulsen Hatchet
Peck Unfinished Portrait of Jessica
Pfeffer Make Believe
Pfeffer The Pizza Puzzle
Pfeffer Starting With Melodie
Sachs Another Day
Schnur The Koufax Dilemma
Shalant The Great Eye
Southgate Another Way to Dance
Talbert Pillow of Clouds
VanLeeuwen Blue Sky, Butterfly
Voigt A Solitary Blue
Wilson The Reason for Janey
Young Moving Mama to Town

Non-fiction for the older child:

Boeckman Surviving Your Parent’s Divorce
LeShan What’s Going to Happen to Me? When Parents Separate or Divorce
Krementz How It Feels When Parents Divorce

For the Parent:

Brown Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide For Changing Families
Diamond Helping Children of Divorce: A Handbook for Parents & Teachers
Gardner The Boys & Girls Book About Divorce, with an Introduction for Parents
Gardner The Boys & Girls Book about One-Parent Families
Grollman Talking About Divorce: a Dialogue Between Parent & Child
Ives The Divorce Workbook: A Guide for Kids & Families
Lindsay Do I Have a Daddy? A Story about a Single-Parent Child
Mayle Why Are We Getting a Divorce?
Nystrom Mike’s Lonely Summer: A Child’s Guide Through Divorce
Prestine Helping Children Cope With Divorce: A Practical Resource Guide for Mom & Dad Break Up (book follows)
Prestine Mom & Dad Break Up
Prokop Divorce Happens to the Nicest Kids: A Self-Help Book for Children ages 3-15, Parents & Counselors
Watson Sometimes a Family Has to Split Up
Weitzman Let’s Talk About Living with a Single Parent
Weitzman Let’s Talk About Your Parents’ Divorce
Expect the best from your kids … and you’ll get it!
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