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A New Baby?

How can such a joyous time also be so stressful? The addition of a new child to a family can be both wonderful AND horrible- it just depends on who you ask! The books listed here can help you prepare both the younger and older sibling for the changes coming their way, and allow them to regard the new addition as positive and not the end of their known world. Just reading the book titles is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! As with any sensitive subject matter, please preview the books first to assure they are consistent with your family philosophy and values.

Picture books for the younger child:

Alexander Nobody Asked Me if I Wanted a Baby Sister
Alexander When the New Baby Comes, I’m Moving Out
Anglund Baby Brother
Anholt Aren’t You Lucky!
Anholt Here Come the Babies
Anholt When I Was a Baby
Anno Anno’s Peekaboo
Armstrong That Terrible Baby
Auch Monster Brother
Barrett Kiki’s New Sister
Birdseye Waiting for Baby
Brown Arthur’s Baby
Byars Go & Hush the Baby
Byers Mycca’s Baby
Carlson Poor Carl
Caseley Mama, Coming & Going
Caseley Silly Baby
Cazet Dancing
Clifton Everett Anderson’s Nine Months Long
Collins Waiting for Baby Jane
Corey Will There be a Lap for Me?
Culter Darcy & Gran Don’t Like Babies
Denton Would They Love a Lion?
DePaola The Baby Sister
Driscoll Baby Comes Home
Falwell We Have a Baby
Foreman Ben Is Baby
Franklin Don’t Wake the Baby
Galbraith Waiting for Jennifer
Garland Billy & Belle
Gauch Christina Katerina & the Great Bear Train
Gliori New Big Sister
Greenfield She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl
Haarhoff Desert December
Halloran Oh, Brother! Oh, Sister!
Harper It’s Not Fair!
Hassett We Got My Brother At the Zoo
Hedderwick Katie Morag & the Tiresome Ted
Henkes Julius, the Baby of the World
Hines Big Like Me
Hoban A Baby Sister for Frances
Hoffman Henry’s Baby
Hoffman Sister Sweet Ella
Holabird Angelina’s Baby Brother
Horowitz Mommy’s Lap
Isadora Babies
Jonas When You Were a Baby
Keller Geraldine’s Baby Brother
Keller Too Big
Keller What Alvin Wanted
Knight Opal in the Closet
Knotts Great-Grandfather, the Baby, & Me
Lakin Don’t Touch My Room
Leroy Lucky Stiff!
Levinson Me Baby!
Mayer The New Baby
McClelland This Baby
McCully New Baby
Mennen One Round Moon & a Star for Me
Moers Hugo’s Baby Brother
Moncure My Baby Brother Needs Me
Mueller Monster & the Baby
Murdocca Baby Wants the Moon
Naylor The Baby, the Bed, and the Rose
Ormerod 101 Things to Do With a Baby
Polushkin Baby Brother Blues
Rheingrover Veronica’s First Year
Ross Baby Hugs
Shute How I Named the Baby
Smith Jenny’s Baby Brother
Snyder One Up, One Down
Steptoe Baby Says
Stevenson Rolling Rose
Stevenson Worse Than Willy!
Tierney Where’s Your Baby Brother, Becky Bunting?
Titherington A Place for Ben
Vulliamy Ellen & Penguin & the New Baby
Waddell When the Teddy Bears Came
Wahl Peter & the Troll Baby
Walter My Mama Needs Me
Walton Books Are For Eating
Weiss Chuckle
West Little Pig’s Special Day
Williams Poppy’s First Year
Winter A Baby Just Like Me
Winthrop Bear & Roly-Poly
Wishinsky Oonga Boonga
Zelver Don Octavio & the New Creature

Fiction for the young reader:

Byars Bingo Brown, Gypsy Leader
Caseley Harry & Arney
Delton Angel’s Mother’s Baby
Ellis A Family Project
Froelich Hide Crawford Quick
Galbraith Roommates & Rachel
Greenwald Alvin Webster’s Surefire Plan for Success
Heide Time Flies!
Hest Nannies for Hire
Hurwitz Elisa in the Middle
Lively Fanny’s Sister
Mills Dynamite Dinah
Park Junie B. Jones & a Little Monkey Business
Pevsner Sister of the Quints
Rocklin Dear Baby
Sachs The Boy Who Ate Dog Biscuits
Saunders Twin Trouble
Shreve Lily & the Runaway Baby

For the Parent:

Brown Baby Time: A Grownups Handbook to Use With Baby
Butler Babies Need Books
Cole How You Were Born
Cole The New Baby at Your House
Foord The Book of Babies
Haas Look At Me: Creative Learning Activities for Babies & Toddlers
Hendrickson Getting Along Together: Baby & I Can Play
Jessel The Joy of Birth: A Book for Parents & Children
Kitzinger Being Born
Lansky A New Baby at Koko Bear’s House
Lansky Welcoming Your Second Baby
Manning The World is Full of Babies
Patent Babies!
Petrie Baby Play: Activities & Development During the First Year of Life
Rogers The New Baby
Royston Where Do Babies Come From?
Samson Watching the New Baby
Stein Oh, Baby!
Stein That New Baby: An Open Family Book for Parents & Children Together
Ziefert Getting Ready for a New Baby
Expect the best from your kids … and you’ll get it!
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