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There are many different approaches to family discussions about adoption, and as a parent you will want to find an approach that feels comfortable for you and your family. This reading list will acquaint you with a variety of authors and their views concerning adoption. We suggest you review the books that follow and find the ones that are suitable for you and your children.

Picture Books for Children:

Caines Abby
Callen The Just-Right Family
Curtis Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
Kasza A Mother for Choco
McCully My Real Family
McKelvey Bobby the Mostly Silky
Mora Pablo’s Tree
Wasson The Chosen Baby

Fiction for Children

Adler Youn Hee and Me
Angel Real For Sure Sister
Bates Requiem for a Princess
Christopher Double Play at Short
Corcoran Family Secrets
Ellis Out of the Blue
First I, Rebekah, Take You, the Lawrences
Howard Her Own Song
McDonald Mail-Order Kid
McHugh Karen’s Sister
McHugh Raising a Mother Isn’t Easy
Mills Boardwalk With Hotel
Myers Me, Mop & the Moondance Kid
Myers Mop, Moondance, & the Nagasaki Knights
Shreve Zoe and Columbo
Smith Moonshadow of Cherry Mountain
Sommer And I’m Stuck with Joseph
Taylor Tuck Triumphant
Welch Don’t Call Me Marda
Wright The Scariest Night

Non-fiction for Children:

Rosenberg Being Adopted

For the Parents and/or Children:

Andrews We Adopted You, Benjamin Koo
Banish A Forever Family
Bloom A Family for Jamie: An Adoption Story
Cronin Two Birthdays for Beth
D’Antonio Our Baby from China: An Adoption Story
Forrai A Look at Adoption
Freudberg Susan & Gordon Adopt a Baby: Based on the Sesame Street Television Scripts
Girard Adoption is for Always
Greenberg Adopted
Keller Horace
Koehler The Day We Met You
Kraus Tall Boy’s Journey
Krementz How It Feels to be Adopted
Lifton Tell Me a Real Adoption Story
Livingston "Why Was I Adopted?"
London A Koala for Katie: An Adoption Story
Miller Did My First Mother Love Me? A Story for an Adopted Child
Nickman The Adoption Experience
Nystrom Mario’s Big Question: Where Do I Belong? A Child’s Guide Through Adoption
Pellegrini Families Are Different
Rogers Let’s Talk About It: Adoption
Rogers Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: Adoption
Rosenberg Growing Up Adopted
Schnitter William is My Brother
Sobol We Don’t Like Our Mom and Dad
Stein The Adopted One: An Open Family Book for Parents & Children Together
Stinson Steven’s Baseball Mitt: A Book About Being Adopted
Turner Through Moon & Stars & Night Skies
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