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Child Abuse

The topic of child abuse would not exist in a perfect world, but it is unfortunately a modern day reality that many parents must be prepared to deal with. The following lists include fiction and non-fiction books available for young readers, and books to help parents deal with the subject. Once again, please be cautioned that not all books are suitable for every young reader. The parent or adult should carefully select the reading material which most closely adheres to their family beliefs and values.

Fiction for the younger child:

Aboff Uncle Willy’s Tickles
Adler Fly Free
Caines Chilly Stomach
Jukes Wild Iris Bloom
Magorian Good Night, Mr. Tom
Mazer Silver
Schlee Ask Me No Questions
Shreve Lucy Forever & Miss Rosetree, Shrinks

Fiction for the older child:

Branscum The Girl
Cole Don’t Tell A Soul
Coman What Jamie Saw
Girard My Body is Private
Griffith Vikki Vanishes
Howe The Watcher
Jance It’s Not Your Fault
Lowery Laurie Tells
Martin Night Riding
Neufeld Almost A Hero
Ross Harper & Moon
Springer The Boy on the Black Horse
Stanek Don’t Hurt Me, Mama
Tapp The Sacred Circle of the Hula Hoop
Wachter No More Secrets for Me
Williams The True Colors of Caitlynne Jackson
Woodson I Hadn’t Meant To Tell You This
Wynne-Jones The Maestro

Non-fiction for the older child:

Boegehold You Can Say "No". A Book About Protecting Yourself
Greenberg Family Abuse: Why Do People Hurt Each Other?
Gutman Be Aware of Danger
Gutman Harmful to Your Health
Hyde Know About Abuse
Ito Child Abuse
Tipp Child Abuse: Detecting Bias

For the Parent:

Dayee Private Zone: A Book Teaching Children Sexual Assault Prevention Tools
Freeman It’s My Body
Hart-Rossi Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse: A Parent’s Guide
Hubbard Help Yourself to Safety: A Guide to Avoiding Dangerous Situations With Strangers & Friends
Hyde Cry Softly: The Story of Child Abuse
Hyde Sexual Abuse- Let’s Talk About It
Johnsen The Trouble With Secrets
Kraizer The Safe Child Book: Sensible Advice on Helping a Child Avoid Sexual Abuse & Abduction
Pall Let’s Talk About It! The Book for Children About Child Abuse
Quiri Stranger Danger
Terkel Feeling Safe, Feeling Strong: How to Avoid Sexual Abuse & What to Do If It Happens To You
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